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Kayak Diving
ScubaStevesWife - 10/28/2007 2:20 PM
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Kayak DivingI`ve owned a kayak now for over a year. We have cruised the mangrove isles here on the Space Coast of Florida, visited Key Largo`s Pennecamp State Park, journeyed up and down some of Central Florida`s Rivers, and now we`re thinking about integrating our love of kayaking with our passion for diving.

I read the cover story of "Dive Training" magazine, June 2007 publication-- and its a whole article on Kayak Diving. It suggests the sit on top kayak variety, which I do own one (its a Wilderness System Kayak--- LOVE IT). Now I just need to get gutsy, find a spot off the coast that I can paddle out to, and try diving off of it. This article was extremely interesting, and very thorough with its detail and description of methods and preperation for a kayak dive.

Gear needed: Kayak, Paddle, and a PFD (required by law, you can have it stowed away-- a BCD does not count as one). You also need a dive flag, and a tether reel (can be used as the anchor, or to tether above you if you`re drift diving).

I was just curious to see if anyone here at DiveBuddy has tried Kayak Diving, and could give a few pointers. I think I`ve pretty much figured out all the entry exit techniques, and I have figured out how to haul the gear... now I just need to do it! Also, do any of ya`ll have any dive spots that you think would be accessable via kayak? (not just in FL, anywhere! I love to travel, and I don`t mind bringing along my gear)

If anyone is interested in the article, let me know. I`ll scan and email if needed.

Happy Diving Ya`ll.


Brian_V - 10/30/2007 10:46 AM
I`ve more than just done a dive from a kayak, I actually have a PADI specialty in it, beleive it or not! I did 3 dives from the kayak, doing various skills. You had to rig your kayak so that all gear was retained & it didn`t negatively affect the balance of the kayak. Then you had to do a full roll, right yourself, with all gear staying in place. All gear donning & doffing was done in water, you put on mask & fins, enter water, then release sucba units & pull into water. After dive, you did just the opposite. It was a fun specialty to earn!