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Grand Cayman East End Diving
ScubaStevesWife - 7/12/2007 12:00 AM
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Grand Cayman East End DivingI will post a picture later of my trip, but I just wanted to start out with--- It was INCREDIBLE!

We stayed at Ocean Pointe on the East End of Grand Cayman. Its in a rural area, closest complete grocery store was 20 minutes away. The complex was PERFECT! We stayed in a one bedroom condo. All the rooms are ocean front, full kitchens, TV/DVD/Stero, Jacuzzi bath tubs, washer/dryer, and SO much more.

There was a pool on site, but you can only swim when there are no classes being taught in the pool. We didn`t really find this to be a problem, because by the time we got back from diving, all the classes had ending, and we had the pool to ourselves. They also allow their guests to use their scuba gear in the pool- like for adjusting, or doing some refreshers before hitting the ocean. The deepest end of it is 10 feet, and great steps to help you get in and out with gear on your back.

The Diving is actually done through their onsite Diving Business Ocean Fronteirs Divers. The girl in the shop is great help! You`re able to test out fins and masks before you buy them. I ended up coming home with a new set of fins, and felt VERY confident in my purchase once I tried them out. Prices were also competitive.

Ocean Fronteirs has three boats. We went on all three during our stay. My husband did get sea sick- but that`s to be expected if you`re prone to it and with 3-5` seas. At least the waves were rolling.

Another perk of staying at Ocean Fronteir`s resort is that they allow you to unload your gear into bins. The bins are labled with your names. When you get on the boat, your gear is set up for you. When your done with your dives, you place all your gear in the bins, and they take it back to the shop, rinse it, dry it, and store it, then load it and setup the next day. We found this to be VERY convienient, and it allows you to in fact feel like you`re on vacation.

THE DIVES were incredible. Walls, lots of life, swim throughs, we even found a sea horse and a baby octopus. Carribean Reef Sharks, Green Sea Turtle, Sting Rays, Eels, Lobster... they have it all. Swim throughs are my favorite, so I was in HEAVEN!!!

No wet suit needed, average water temp was 85 degrees. Several people wore their dive skins, but whats a few superfical cuts to remind you of your trip!!

My husband and I dive all over the world, and this is the first place that we`re dying to come back to!!

Would love to get a group together to go with us next time. Let me know if any of ya`ll are intrested!


Hansdown - 7/20/2007 12:00 AM
Cayman Brac Reef was Great. We were there end of Feb. Say Hi to Trudy and look for the Michigan marker. ,,,jOHN
hughisland - 7/14/2007 12:00 AM
The Caymans are great diving. We were fortunate to bee able to spend a week on Little Cayman, Little Cayman Resort, diving the Bloody Wall is one of the great dive expierience`s. Fish, rays, sharks, swim thoughs, and deep dives as well as reef dives.