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Thoughts about the 2009 Dive Calendar
Nesher - 11/21/2008 7:31 PM
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Each year I set a dive calendar which serves multiple purposes.

My dive calendar serves as a dream sheet of dive destinations. Since I just started diving little over a year ago I find myself longing for and gravitating towards healthy abundant marine environments.

I also use my dive calendar to set personal dive goals for myself as well. Dive training is an important aspect for enjoying scuba diving for me.

I’ve been told that most of the places with big pelagics and abundant marine life are in destinations requiring advanced diving skills.

I believe I need to continually train in order to develop and improve my dive skills.

Basically in 2008 I acheived 90% of what I set out to do. The exception was diving Little Cayman’s Bloody Bay Wall due to Hurricane Ike.

Here we are fastly approaching 2009, and it’s time to look towards the new year, set the dive calendar, and bring the future into focus.

Since I failed to visit Little Cayman Beach Resort. I’m going to make my first dive trip of the year Little Cayman Beach Resort.

I’m also going to step away from the liveaboard scene partially this year to focus upon dive training. I’m really challenged by the prospect of becoming an NAUI instructor.

So I’m heading in Apr/May of 2009 to 40Fathom Grotto where the NAUI Pro Center is located in order to face the first part of that challenge.

In Jul/Aug I’m scheduled to dive the Mona Passage of Puerto Rico on the S/Y Juliet. (You didn’t expect me not to take at least one liveaboard trip this year, did you?)

I don’t want to miss sailing the Juliet on the open ocean. It’s will be a good barometer of where I am in heavy currents and blue water.

Oct/Nov will be the time to complete the NAUI Course if it’s not complete by then. I’ll follow up this training with a trip somewhere...

Not sure yet where (Bonaire, Cozumel or Honduras - Places in the Carib I’ve never been for some relaxation diving) or I’ll go to the NABS Summit. (maybe, we’ll see)

Locally I have to reacclimate myself to the cold waters of the North Coast. I’ve sort of gotten away from diving here, but this is where I started diving. It began for me in a 7 - 10/ 20 sec w/ 1ft visibility, that was my very first ocean experience. (No! I’m not kidding)

I need to revisit our frigid coastal waters because there is a level of diving proficiency you gain from diving California waters.

So, I’m looking forwards to diving with my LDS - Pinnacles Dive Center - down to Channel Islands at least once in 2009. Additionally, there are Boat Dives (Sanctuary or the Cypress Sea) at Monterey once a month or every other month.

All of this is to prepare me for 2010. Here’s a peak into 2010...

Cortez Banks, GUE (DIR), Socorro, Palua and Cocos Island.

2009 is the year I step up my game so I can play with the big boys. Well my buddies, safe diving to each of you.

If you haven’t set a calendar for yourself now is the time to do so. Hey, you’re always welcome to come and dive with me.

Whatever you do, live life to it’s fullest in 2009.