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Dutch Springs DUI Dog Days
GypsyDiver - 5/09/2008 9:27 PM
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Category: Educational
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Dutch Springs DUI Dog Days

Is anyone going to the Dutch Springs DUI Dog Days16-18 May? The 16th is the PSD Seminar. The 17-18th are the Dog Days

What does diving dry feel like?

What is different about a DUI?

Which one is right for me?

Learn about drysuit diving, what makes DUI
different and have fun TEST DIVING the world’s
best diving equipment! Actually test dive

DUI Drysuit Systems
including the NEW DUI 30/30 Tropical Drysuit
and DUI’s value-priced SE Series Drysuits,
DUI DELTA BC’s and Weight & Trim Systems

Meet Industry Leaders and
DUI Factory Professionals

Experience Digital Photo/Video
Seminars and Demos

Educational Seminars & Presentations

FREE Collectors DUI Test Diver Hat

Educational seminars and dinner/program vary by location

DUI DOG Rally & Demo Day Divers in their dry suits

Free Barbecue Lunch

Free Raffle Prizes

Join us Saturday Night for Dinner / Program
$8 for Advance Purchase / $13 On Site
Check their website

I hope to see some of you there! Just look for the flag


xxSubSeaxx - 5/18/2008 5:56 PM
I knew about this, and would have liked to go, but I’m currently stuck in Santa Cruz, CA...
Grayfox - 5/17/2008 8:31 PM
Hey I’ll be going on Sunday...I don’t know where you guys will be around but I’ll probably be around the Peninsula area. I’m bringing a buddy myself, not from the site but a good friend of mine. Wouldn’t mind meeting up with any other people from Dive Buddy...I’ll keep an eye out for you guys.
Eve - 5/13/2008 7:04 AM
Shouldn’t it be "Free Raffle Prizes" instead of "Free Raffle Prices"? Did I win a Prize for spotting that ?

Have fun

Scout - 5/13/2008 6:49 AM
I’ll be there Sat/Sun and dinner. Tix in hand. Camping overnight. Let’s put together a posse so everyone can be sure of buddying up all weekend.

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