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My weekend at Dutch Springs
GypsyDiver - 10/17/2007 8:56 AM
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Category: Personal
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I got eight dives done this weekend at Dutch Springs. I did four on saturday 3 with some guys from Northeast dive supply(I found a golf ball at 65 feet by the tanker truck and lost it on the way back) and one with a couple from Jersey to take pictures of the sikorsky helicopter. On Sunday four more, Two for fun and two search and recovery dives. I was looking for the golf ball I lost on one. I didn`t find it. Dang the Bad Luck. After my third, I was looking for somebody to dive with. the group I dovethe helicopter with on Saturday came out of the water. One guy lost his mask and snorkel. I asked where? Over by the Silver Comet Boat while swimming back on the surface. I tried to get one of his buddies to go back and with me. NO Luck. I saw a group getting ready to dive. By Luck, they were headed to the comet. I suited up. I followed the four some as they went to the platform and then down the line to the comet. I made a circle around the comet once and then went to expand the circle. I got close to the wall to the north. I looked right and left to decide which way to go. I saw something off to my left that looked not natural. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be the mask and snorkel. I rejoined the group as they check out the rainbow and the palomino trout on the comet. When they saw me with the mask they all started to clap their hands together. It was funny. I made it back to the surface and found the owner. He was happy but his wife was happier. It was the first day with the new mask and snorkel. I told him Yuengling Black and Tan would be just fine. And to top it off that dive finished my Search and Recovery certification, Public Safety Diver Certification, and it was my 50th dive.. What a day.