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Musky_hunter - Aug 15, 18
very clear inland lake vis of 25’+. Marl bottom. There’s a rock bar roughly straight out from the supper club...roughly 100 yards. Lots of Rock bass, some smallies, also some nearby well built fish cribs....
Misfit12 - Oct 10, 17
Rating Added: 3 Enter at the southwest shore or northeast shore. Fair amount of fish. Thermocline usually around 25’ in the summer. Vis 6-20’. Wanna go? Send me a message!...
jdkeller - Oct 10, 16
Rating Added: 3 Nice little quarry with pretty good vis. The trash probably is the most interesting thing under the water as you often see whatever some teenagers decided to throw in. If you have some guts you can get a little rush jumping off the cl...
jdkeller - Oct 10, 16
Rating Added: 3 I have dove here countless times as I lived about 20 minutes away. The shore provides some nice rock formations dropping off fairly quickly. This makes it quite attractive to fishermen and swimmers so watch for lines and kids jumping ...
Musky_hunter - May 22, 16
Rating Added: 1 Meh. The closest parking lot is for trailer’s only and it is enforced, so it’s a haul with gear. Also the nearby dive shop warns that items do get stolen from autos. If you do dive from the beach, go out to about 30 FOW. take a right ...
DiveBuddyChgo - Jan 31, 16 Here is our dive of the Northerner. I would suggest having a redundant air. If your not use to diving 42 degree water past 100ft.. Your chances of a free flow is fairly good. The cold, depth and vis. is challenging with this dive...
Photos in Wisconsin
Lakeland Ferry - Sturgeon Bay WI
SS Wisconsin - cargo hold
First UW pic of me, Pearl Lake WI
Snow in Arcadia, Wisconsin
Rock lake WI, the Knob...pyramid?  :)
115 ft Nithe Dive Wazze Lake , WI
Antigua, W.I.
Dive Clubs in Wisconsin
Photo Club Name Location Club Members
DeepSixdivegroup Portwashington WI  8
Madison Scuba Sun Prairie Wisconsin  3
Articles about Wisconsin
GET TOGETHER WINTER 2009 Wisconsin Divers
Scubagal_godive - 11/01/2008 1:28 PM
Looking for divers interested in getting together once a month through the winter at different locations. Dinner, drinks, education, friendship, stories, networking, ???? Contact me if interested, add your name and contact info to this list. Check the map associated with scubagal_godive for location area....
Kirkpfeil - 3/23/2007 12:00 AM
I have heard of few instances of Boat/Diver accidents and/or near misses. Know the law not only will keep you safer but can help you educate others...Very cool spreading the news of SAFTEY is a very good thing. Section: SCUBA Dive Law As divers, we are expected to share the water with boaters and this sometimes leads to conflict. The purpose of a dive flag is, basically, to warn boats to avoid the area where divers are underwater. Seems like a simple premise, but ignorance, conflision, and/or re...