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Hells from London Surrey (just Outside M25) | Scuba Diver


Everyone else’s photos have the sea and scuba kit in shot...mine, a fuzzy beer mirror....hat...

I’m pretty new to diving having started in Croatia 2006. I have yet to explore the murky excuse for sea that surrounds the UK but Europe the Canaries and Egypt will have to do for now! I intend to get more qualified and eventually live on a beach in a hammock...anyone with a spare hammock let me know; I can cook and make a cocktail, sod it, I’ll bring my own hammock.


My pirate name is:
Calico Anne Bonney
Often indecisive, you can’t even choose a favorite color. You’re apt to follow wherever the wind blows you, just like Calico Jack Rackham, your namesake. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate’s life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!


Peter1501 - 10/01/2016 10:47 AM
Happy Birthday :)
SnowboardDave - 10/23/2008 7:02 PM
Hels, you are funny! Love you! the new episodes of south park are alright! Hope you have a good time at the shows. Did you ever get the new AC/DC album? in the words of Eric Cartman: "tittie sprinkles" !
dalehall - 10/01/2008 5:36 AM
Hope you have a great birthday!!! Awesome playlist!!!
Smeagol - 9/29/2008 7:02 PM

Hope you have a great Birthday, have a pint or two for me.....happy and safe diving.

SnowboardDave - 7/15/2008 11:36 PM
lol.... you really wanna go ’arkansas’ eh? thats a good place to start! you can also try Tennessee or Georgia! Maybe Florida ifn you are wantn warmer weather! I am in Colorado at the moment. lots o fun with wakeboarding and waterskiing!
oklapmed - 7/15/2008 8:51 PM
right back at ya!
SnowboardDave - 7/01/2008 7:52 AM
Hey, that sounds like fun! Its been kinda hot here... getting ready to go to lake powell !! gonna be lots o’ fun. :)
Smeagol - 6/27/2008 1:36 AM
Thanks for thinking of me, your the best.......oh, make certain it’s a cold one!

SnowboardDave - 6/25/2008 4:36 PM
well, yeah most of them are like that..but you never know. I am not one to judge, but just be careful ;) Congrats on the new job. are you gonna get some new clothes for the job??? what about a blackberry/iphone and a satellite phone too ? HA! you have no authorita over me cartman or cartwoman as the case may be...
iScuba - 6/25/2008 2:57 PM
hey thanks for the add... Happy Diving!!