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Elizabeth from   | Scuba Diver

Just started (finally!) diving in 2007 after wanting to for years; want to eventually get into Wreck Diving. I don`t do caves deeper than 30 feet until I get my feet a bit more wet!


CaliforniaKeith - 3/21/2008 6:01 PM
Welcome, Have you dove in the Kelp Forests in California yet?
ScubaMike - 3/19/2008 2:25 AM
Aloha, and welcome to The Clarksville area is nice, well from what I remember during my stay. Anyway glad to see you on the page.
hansonb - 3/11/2008 6:59 PM
Well, well. Glad to hear from you. Hope you are safe over there and not suffering too much with the atmosphere. I`ve been meaning to email but just haven`t pulled my head out far enough to make it happen. I miss diving with you as well and I really miss Clarksville. It sucks over here in Korea just not quite as bad as I`m sure it is for you. I`ll shoot you an email later today with other stuff. I`ve been buying a lot more things for Scuba and I`m finding it is really a lot of money to keep up on this sport.
bfindley - 3/10/2008 7:07 AM
Hi Elizabeth. Welcome to divebuddy. Hope to run you under the waves sometime.
ozphx - 3/09/2008 10:26 AM
Hi Elizabeth, welcome to dive buddy!
tazzer9797 - 3/09/2008 8:20 AM
Hey Elizabeth...Welcome to YA ON THE BOTTOM