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Elizabeth from Niceville FL | Scuba Diver

I’m an Advanced Open Water Diver with two boys (11 and 14) who are also AOW. We`re presently working on our specialty certifications through PADI. We`re also members of a really cool dive club....

We have monthly meetings and regularly get together for dive trips. It`s a fun group of people. If you`re in the Destin FL area, come check us out. I also write photo blogs about some of our adventures. They`re more detailed on myspace (see my website above) because the editor there is much easier to use and it allows more pictures. =)


dalehall - 5/06/2009 6:04 AM
Wishing you a great upcoming birthday.
dalehall - 5/10/2008 8:14 PM
Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow!!!

flaski - 3/04/2008 1:59 PM
yes it is a pacific halibut, which is basically a big flounder.
dalehall - 2/03/2008 5:55 AM
Thanks for the add!! Headed down to FL the 15th of February to hit a couple dive spots and swim with the manatees.. **D**
froggiepatrol - 9/06/2007 7:15 AM
I`ve never heard of this but I will certainly be seeking it out. I still have one spot on my wrist that is red and irrated. Any advice for that? Hey Thanks also :)
harleydiver - 8/27/2007 5:19 PM
The bouyancy is a big part of our sport. Keeping away from the coral is hard enough but inattention is a bit%h
harleydiver - 8/27/2007 5:13 PM
No, The air temp was 95 bottom temp 87. No wet suit.
imascubaholic - 8/22/2007 5:35 PM
Yes - I`ve seen that game before. We did it in CA - but the course director made the students build a 3-dimensional structure. It was pretty cool. It was a class of kids from the Y.
flaski - 8/22/2007 7:07 AM
actually a new jersey relative sent it to me it was a cut and paste but it is an actual diver in a cold water neoprene type semidry suit.
mukashi - 8/16/2007 7:25 PM
No, it`s plastic. I am a law enforcement officer, and so were all of my buddies on this dive. It was a joke that even diving we had to work a crime scene.