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Eric from Marysville OH | Scuba Diver

I haven’t been diving in awhile due to an injury, and I sold most of my equipment. But I plan to get all new stuff next summer and I’ll be back in full swing.


EL_Gobstopper - 6/04/2014 7:53 PM
In December I went to Thailand. nothing like it on earth. I was in Phuket. Everything is written in English (mostly) and everybody speaks broken English at least. Bring plenty of Cash (Thai Bhat) as a lot of places do not take credit cards.

Also, expect you cell phone to not work from the moment you arrive, so plan that.

Charter several boats and go out to the Islands and up river. lots of wild monkeys, monitor lizards, gibbons, Elephants, Water buffalo, Cobras (I never saw any cobras, and I’m told they are shy).

Anyway, there are plenty of dive shops around with PADI certs. For diving, I recommend you charter a boat to "Banana Beach". Clear down to about 50 feet or so (watch the current, it’s strong on the shelf)

Food is of much higher quality there than it is in the United States, both in restaurants and in stores.
People are very friendly, much more than in the United States.
Asian Airlines are all far superior to their American counterparts.

plan it out and it can be a really great trip.

See the photos.