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Mike from Lake Mary FL | Scuba Diver

I’ve done a good portion of the main dive sites in Florida. Blue Grotto, Rainbow River, Devil’s Den, Alexander Springs, Blue Springs, Ginnie Springs, Benwood Wreck, Spiegelgrove,French Reef, and Blue Heron Bridge. Those are the ones I can think of at this time. I’m pretty sure there are some I’m missing. Feel free to add me if you want to go diving. I’m up for anything and any depth.


SlobMike - 2/14/2017 1:19 PM
Actually can’t on Saturday. Have cable install mid day. I’ll def have to take you up on that sometime though.
scubadmike - 2/14/2017 12:37 PM
Mike I am planing a dive in West Palm 2/18/17 Saturday morning your welcome .I am with Scuba Works on the boat "Divocean " here is there web. For more info my E-mail is