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Susan from Edmore MI | Scuba Diver

I’ve been certified since 1996. I haven’t had a lot of experience because life happened. I’d like to explore some of my local inland lakes (puddle jump) and then go on to see some of the Great Lake Shipwrecks. I’ve always been in awe of sunken boats & ships and there is just nothing like seeing it up close and personal. My interest in diving began in childhood when local folklore claimed there was a train engine in the First Lake in Six Lakes; an elder of the community asserted the truth in that. It has been claimed by time & the muck, no one has ever been able to find it.

I’m looking for more weekday summertime dives. (Hubby and other hobbies call dibs on weekends) Looking to make some memories so the school-year is more bearable!


Eric_R - 10/06/2016 8:38 PM
Happy Birthday!
ChessieGirl0282 - 8/24/2016 2:35 PM
Tripped over this article on Why do these incredible wrecks always have to be beyond my dive limits! I’ve always wanted to dive on a train!
ChessieGirl0282 - 7/27/2016 8:07 AM
Getting to do my first Great Lakes dive. Hitting the Wednesday night dive with the shop in Cheboygan. Going to see the Anna Smith. Bummed that I can’t do video/pics of it.
ChessieGirl0282 - 7/20/2016 7:03 PM
The girl’s got the gear! Add tank, an inflatable flag buoy, a buddy... and I’m ready to go to the bottom of a lake & breath deeply. I’m interested in weekday dives, inland MI for now, need to get my confidence back up before tackling something big. I recently did a pool session as a skill check to make sure my skills were all up to par. I want a little adventure!

Oh, & the new gear? Sherwood Brut, Sherwood Gemini, Sherwood gauges! I’m praying that I made good choices on those!
Eric_R - 7/13/2016 4:00 PM
Welcome to the forum.
ChessieGirl0282 - 7/13/2016 7:42 PM
Thank you!