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Jose from West Sacramento CA | Scuba Diver

’elo. 10 yrs USN and just barely getting my fins. I’m looking for a dive buddy for Folsom lake so I can get some more dives under my belt. I know it’s low vis and boring but it’s a great place to work on techniques no?


jogirob - 3/22/2016 5:10 PM
I made a 90% on the following quiz:
Scuba Diving Hand Signals Quiz
jogirob - 3/03/2016 11:42 PM
I made a 95% on the following quiz:
Basic Scuba Gear Quiz
jogirob - 3/03/2016 11:44 PM
Gonna take and post more tests to show people I’m not THAT much of a liability to dive with ^_^
Greg - 3/04/2016 8:16 AM
That’s always a good thing :)
richeve01 - 2/23/2016 11:52 AM
I am Richard. I saw your post about Folsom Lake, I have dove in Tahoe and Whiskeytown lakes. Tell me about Folsom lake.
jogirob - 2/25/2016 2:47 PM
Hi Richard. Folsom lake is actually a dam. From what I’ve read the bottom is mucky. It’s not the best visibility but it’s better during the colder months. There’s an underwater parkinglot, an underwater bridge, and some ruins. I think it’s an interesting spot!
richeve01 - 2/26/2016 1:46 PM
Sac is easy for me to go to so if you are interested lets meet and chat about diving together. I am currantly with a dive group Paradise center that has trips to various place if that interestes you too.
Smithsgold - 2/27/2016 2:01 PM
There’s a good book on Diving some of the Lakes in California and Nevada Called " Mountain Lake Diving " by Phil Moyer & Keith Namestka I recomend checking out.
jogirob - 2/28/2016 11:28 PM
Awesome, I’ll look into that. I just hate driving so far after diving and don’t have the luxury to spend for hotels.