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Doug from Iota LA | Scuba Diver

VRBO #795225 Condo in Panama city beach for divers to rent, special rates apply!! apply now for new season!!! 2016 email for info


treemandiver - 4/17/2016 11:15 AM
post will not link, anyway try looking up triton gills
treemandiver - 4/17/2016 11:14 AM
you got to see this, really new stuff may one day change our sport???
treemandiver - 3/14/2016 7:47 PM
sure just keep me in mind for the condo in the future. Doug
treemandiver - 3/11/2016 4:02 PM
ya I am gonna try to go that weekend do you guys need the condo?
Kert - 3/14/2016 7:31 PM
No but I’ll keep the condo in mind the next time I’m around already have deposit on room no refundable but thanks for the offer
Kert - 3/10/2016 9:19 PM
I’m going to do 2 charters 1 on the 9th then dive St. Andrews on the 11th and charter on my birthday the 12th but I can always change and just do 1 charter and 2 walk in days the only thing set in stone is trainer for the day at Gulf World marine park on the 10th and wife wants to do some other stuff also but wife and I agreed we do her stuff and she let me dive and I have around 20 hours of diving planned if possible
treemandiver - 3/11/2016 10:27 AM
yall gonna be trainer for the day at gulf world??? OMG yall gonna have fun my kids want to do that so bad!!!!!! that will be fun fun fun
LouisianaDiver - 2/28/2016 6:07 PM
I just accepted it