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David from Langebaan Western Cape | Scuba Diver

I started free diving at 5 but only had the cash to do a scuba course 20 years later in 1997 so I went from open water 1 to rescue diver in 1 year.

Feeling lucky I tried UW photography that same year with a Sea & Sea MX10 film camera and wasted 36 exposures – welcome to the world of under water photography!

My second attempt was in 2004 with a Sony P73 - seeing the results with a digital camera immediately caused the bug to bite again. Add to that the constant ignorant question: “What is there to see in Cape Town’s cold often 2m viz waters” apart from breaching Great white sharks you got me all fired up.

My photography attempts to prove the merits of diving in Cape town and the West coast.
I work as a SAP specialist to pay for this privilege.


scubabr53 - 4/02/2015 7:15 AM
Great photos bud. I dived with number of shark breed’s: Tigers, Bulls, Lemon, Blue but have never seen a great white in my life. It must be an experience. Thanks for sharing
drcolyn - 4/02/2015 3:51 PM
Thanks but just to be clear I have only dived with 7 gill cowsharks (you don’t see teeth when they grin) if it was great whites I probably would not have been here to tell you and that is not because they are man eaters (they are clever enough to know the difference between scuba divers and seals) I would probably have died of a premature hart attack just at the mere thought of what they are capable of but seriously - if you take the amount of surfers and bathers and divers that swim in False bay over a weekend it is a clear sign that any great white attacks are a very unfortunate case of mistaken identity. Lets hope we still have these magnificent creatures around in 20 years time - spread the word - shark finning should be a criminal offense around the world.
Greg - 2/03/2015 9:09 AM
Wow, amazing photos man! Thanks for sharing.
FishChaser - 8/03/2014 6:18 AM
You posted some stunning photos! Great job!