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Jade from Occoquan VA | Instructor

Works for Patriot Scuba (PADI OWSI, EFR, HSA Instructor)
Speciality Instructor: Full Face Mask, Digital Underwater Photography, Enriched Air, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Underwater Navigator, Search & Recovery, Adaptive Diver, Wreck, Dry Suit, Deep Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project AWARE, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation.

Volunteer for Patriots For Disabled Divers (PFDD) and Diving With Heros (DWH).


Korps - 4/24/2018 1:57 PM
What is everyone up to this year?? What are you diving goals? If I can help, let me know!
Korps - 4/24/2018 1:58 PM
Personally, I’m looking to become PADI IDC Staff. I’d also like to finish the Sidemount Instructor Speciality and start Technical Diving training.
Korps - 7/11/2016 1:15 PM
I made a 90% on the following quiz:
Divemaster Physics Quiz
Korps - 6/15/2016 2:13 PM
Officially a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor!!
Smithsgold - 6/15/2016 3:27 PM
Congrats !!!
Korps - 5/18/2016 2:05 PM
Finished up Assistant Instructor 2/28/16!! Taking the IE in two and a half weeks!!

If you want to get in the water in NOVA send me a message!
Smithsgold - 5/18/2016 2:43 PM
Congrats !!!! Good Luck
Korps - 2/10/2016 3:15 PM
Korps - 2/10/2016 3:14 PM
Korps - 2/05/2016 1:30 PM
I love instructing divers. Even if it is as a Certified Assistant so far. Already been working with a HSA Buddy Diver course and Scuba Tune-Ups.

AI course later this month!!
Korps - 1/04/2016 8:09 PM
Officially a PADI Divemaster!!
Smithsgold - 1/08/2016 12:42 AM
Congrats !!!!
Korps - 2/05/2016 1:37 PM
Thanks Smithsgold!
Greg - 2/05/2016 1:54 PM
Sweet! Great job. Be sure to tell all your future divers and students about DiveBuddy.
DiversEd - 3/12/2016 10:23 AM
Awesome Job!
Korps - 12/28/2015 3:25 PM
I made a 87% on the following quiz:
Emergency Care - CPR and First Aid Quiz
Korps - 12/28/2015 3:17 PM
I made a 100% on the following quiz:
Scuba Diving Hand Signals Quiz