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Bill from Putnam Hall Fl | Instructor

I live near Gainesville, Fla. I’ve been diving since 1967, am a NAUI Instructor, having no less than 5,000 dives. Was awarded NAUI’s Outstanding Service Award for the State of Florida in 2011.

Most of my diving was related to government/military/law enforcement needs. I teach, dive for fun, evidence collection, find the lost as well as exploration and research diving. Salt water, fresh water are both great!! Although I have a great amount of time diving in absolute zero viz, I do prefer to see where I am going, where I’ve been. I do have an occasional drink, but not during diving activities,.... HOWEVER...... I DO SMOKE CIGARETTES!!! Nope, I don’t need to hear your input about it!!!

V.I.P. Inspection

Factory authorized service and repair technician, Sherwood Valves and Regulators.

NAUI Outstanding Service Award, State of Florida, 2011.


SDBR - 4/16/2013 9:03 AM
Hey, Al! Thank you for your kind comments!
shellmoundal - 4/08/2013 6:18 AM
Bill is without a doubt the best open water instructor that I have ever met. Very thorough and gets you ready for what ever may happen in your new environment of open water SCUBA.

He is in the Gainesville Fl area and your Certification is NAUI. I learned from him a year ago and I am now not only an Advanced Certified Diver but also Certified in Cave Diving. Bill told me in my infant stage that I needed alot of practice. I took it to heart and now I really feel confident when diving. There is never a dive that I make that I don’t hear deep in my head an instruction from Bill. Been in some situations that could cause panic in many divers. I relax and think my way through the situation and continue my dive.

Thanks Bill for all your hard work and knowledge that you share with your students. Training and Practice is the only way to become a good safe diver.