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Loyda from San Antonio TX | Scuba Diver

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to dive!!! I’ve only been diving for about 4 years, but have been very active in the diving circuit. I’ve taken several trips to the Caribbean and done ALOT of lake dives, since they are more accessible. Like everyone else, yes I LOVE to dive the gorgeous crystal clear blue waters. However, I have learned that if I can dive the mucky lakes around here with about 5-8 feet visibility (on a GOOD day), then once I drop into those gorgeous water, I am set to rock ’n roll!! It has really taught me how to manage my breathing and learn how to be comfortable in the water when at times the visibility can be less than a foot.

I have come a very long way when I started. I didn’t think I would make it past the first day of class when we had to do the mask removal skills. I actually thought about quitting at that point because i HATED that feeling of the cold rushing water coming into my mask. Today, I am a Dive Master. Thanks to the patience of some really AWESOME instructors, I was able to move beyond my fear and move forward on my continuing education. I worked on my DM for about a year because I wanted to truly feel like I had earned the title, not just met the minimum requirements. One day, I may decide to become an instructor. But for now, I am quiet happy where I am. I often share my mask issue story with students, and it seems to make them feel at ease that not every dive professional was able to glide through some of those challenging skills. I actually think it helps, and I am always happy to get someone ’turned on’ to SCUBA!

I LOVE to meet other divers and hear their own experiences. I am happy to hear from you as everyone always has a cool story to tell. I have plenty of my own...the good and the not so good... :-) If you are around the San Antonio area, it would be great to meet up to blow bubbles. If you are not, well hopefully we can meet some day on a dive trip somewhere.



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