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Shane from Cape Coral FL | Scuba Diver

Looking for some new friends to dive with. none of my friends dive.


DEWITT03 - 12/22/2014 1:40 PM
think i might go to the Blue Heron Bridge this friday
DEWITT03 - 5/28/2014 8:17 AM
Who’s wants to do any diving. Let me know I’m ready.. June 8 or 15 or 22 or 29 over at West Palm or Pompano with Scubavice
DEWITT03 - 5/22/2014 2:35 AM
off to Ginnie Springs!! wish there was some diving this time. Son is not going this year. Looking to do some diving in June when i get back..
Wanderson - 5/21/2014 6:24 PM
Hey,how are you, let’s go dive.
my name is Anderson nice to meet you
DEWITT03 - 5/22/2014 2:33 AM
looking to go some time in June if you want
Kavir - 4/08/2014 10:01 AM
Any time you want to go diving txt me or email me at kaviralvarado@yahoo i need a dive buddy
DEWITT03 - 1/26/2014 6:09 AM
so ready to go scuba diving. March 9 over in west palm is the plane for now.
DEWITT03 - 12/04/2013 2:46 PM
I made a 100% on the following quiz:
Scuba Diving Quiz - Just the Basics Part 1
DEWITT03 - 8/04/2013 4:58 AM
looking to go diving aug. 25 @ west palm. who wants to go... Going with Scubavice Dive Center. need a dive buddy who can share with gas.
sbitt79 - 8/13/2013 12:17 PM
We are diving the sea empress off pompano wed the 21st
DEWITT03 - 8/14/2013 3:48 AM
cool.. don’t think i ever dove the sea empress. let me know how it was
DEWITT03 - 7/31/2013 4:39 PM
good dive in West Palm on july 28. thinking about going to Blue Heron Bridge aug 11...
sbitt79 - 7/28/2013 6:51 AM
Hey how are you. Always looking for some new dive buddies
DEWITT03 - 7/31/2013 4:34 PM
cool i’ll let you know next time..