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Just from Colfax CA | Scuba Diver



pyddyp - 11/13/2012 8:23 PM
Love the shark dive in Nassau! Recomend it! Get over the fear. Sharks don’t like bubbles "unless being feed"! You will never see a white unless it hits you while on the surface looking like food. So get in, drop down, no problem. Hammerheads, black tips, reefs,nurfs,tigers, etc. don’t have us on the hit list! LOL! If you spear fish, well then a different story! Seals and sea lyons are a diff issue all together. :) How bad do you want that killer Link Cod, or Halibut. That is the choose! LOL

Live diving and hunting in the Channel Islands of CA. Want to go??

pyddyp - 11/13/2012 8:10 PM
Need somebody, or a group to dive with more! Love to treasure hunt, spear gun, and just take photos. Have an advanced level of training and do enjoy both Nitrox and the dry suit. Would love to hear from ones that dives in the winter. I live in Colfax, CA. and can make trips with "some notice I don’t like diving with those that push safe limits. Have had divers I dove with die on trips I didn’t go on. Have a dive boat I would love to use again.

Just Willis (
pyddyp - 5/03/2012 9:41 PM
Just joined the sight to find fellow dive to dive more with and share trips with. Like local adventures. I’m advanced, but do not push levels of depth. Lost 1 who pushed. I believe rec. divers are that and no decomp. adventures for me. Have a dive boat, but then too the ocean should be ? to go out!

Just Willis (Colfax, CA)
Greg - 5/04/2012 5:46 AM
Be sure to send direct msgs to divers in your area. Use our member search page. You can also post in the calendar or forum section if you are planning an event.