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L. Susan from Oceanside CA | Instructor

I`ve been an instructor for six years, and still enjoy the light bulb effect when the diver really understands what he/she`s doing. I make divers that I want to dive with, and therefore, have alot of GREAT dive buddies here in the S. CA area, and around the world.


UWnewbee - 12/25/2009 12:12 AM
dalehall - 3/17/2008 2:18 PM
Thanks for the add!! Happy diving!! **D**
CaliforniaKeith - 11/13/2007 12:12 AM
Hey is the trip to baja all planned for thanksgiving? Ive been still getting the boat ready for the channel Isl. its running good now. I bought a new microwave & BBQ for the boat. Im thinking how to change my hot water system for hot showers after a dive. So have fun!!!!
jerry6866 - 10/23/2007 9:22 AM
I would love to dive with you. Unfortunately, I am already commited to DEMA and teaching classes during that time.
stingrays - 10/22/2007 6:47 AM
Hello SS, I like your initials :) I do have you on my buddy list. Not sure what the pending means :( Cheers, samer
CaliforniaKeith - 8/04/2007 1:26 AM
I took a 16ft inflatable to Bay of LA Baja its 500 miles south of the boarder. Did some watersking & diving at the close islands many years ago. I have been making some plans to take my boat to the big island about 25 miles out & take abt 5 days to make a circle around it. Do you know which island im talking about. You can even see on google earth where some good beaches on the deserted island would be to do some camping on too.
CaliforniaKeith - 8/03/2007 7:10 PM
Hey, I took my boat to BLOW HOLE for a 4 day trip years ago, 5 of us lived on the boat & went out to the island out there & anchored in the cove right there next to the beach. The last night we had dinner on shore. We had fish dinners & giant scallopes from 90ft down, we usually cooked in a cove just farther south from blow hole, only accessible by boat.
Greg - 11/05/2006 12:00 AM
Hey Susan, how has the teaching been for you lately? Could you write us a good dive blog one of these days about some of the things you`ve seen students have problems with?