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Photo uploaded by SantaFeSandy (image.jpg)


SantaFeSandy - 5/31/2013 3:42 AM
Paradise Springs/sink, Ocala, FL.
Eric_R - 5/31/2013 3:32 AM
Sure looks like a bullet of some sorts. Where were these images captured?
LatitudeAdjustment - 5/31/2013 4:50 AM
Florida rednecks shoot at all kinds of things, my ex is near there and she has a rifle :)
SantaFeSandy - 5/31/2013 1:57 PM
@ Latitude Adjustment...careful now, she may be "ex" but them there country folk may well give you a taste of their buckshot...just for fun you know. [3
SantaFeSandy - 5/31/2013 1:58 PM
That symbol I typed in was supposed to be a "heart" but it sure looks like a "kiss my ". ha ha ha...