Attempt #432 - Spanish Shawl
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Category: Cephalopods
Tags: FedEX, Nudi, Spanish
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Attempt #432 - Spanish Shawl


LatitudeAdjustment - 4/04/2011 2:00 PM
Well with no strobe you did great! When conditions are bad you need to get close and with nudi’s like this there is no other way.
RockPro - 4/04/2011 11:20 AM
Ok.. 400 is probably more that I have actually attempted to shoot this animal.. and on this shot I get absolutely everything wrong.. yet it might still be my best attempt. JAVY & JAMES.. thanks for waiting while I tried to capture this thing. Horrible conditions.. surge, low vis, camera in one hand.. flashlight in the other. No strobe, camera set to the wrong mode, wrong capture and wrong resolution. lol. I didn’t bother editing, but thought I would still share. Live and learn.