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randomlyon - Oct 23, 23
Dove here a few weeks ago. There was vegetation of short to medium grass at 5’ to 16’ with some small minnows. I didn’t see any larger fish. From 20’ down it was only sand with the very occasional stump or pile of rocks. Temp was warm enough for 7mm ...
ChristopherBurgert - Mar 18, 22
I started scuba diving here last year, and it’s become my favorite spot....
Mcclaren - Sep 5, 21
Max depth to sandy bottom not clay/muck - 185 feet sw....
ChristopherBurgert - Jul 19, 21
Rating Added: 5 Not a bad place to practice....
LatitudeAdjustment - Aug 31, 19
I went scuba diving here on 8/29/2019. Average viz: 5-10ft/2-3m. Water temp: 66-70°F/19-21°C. Students practicing Nav in ahead of me silted it out. Felt cold, leg cramping and heading in when I found a seahorse :) The usual Jersey critters, stone cra...
CharlieDontDive - Jul 1, 19
Rating Added: 4 Dove here on 6/23/19 on the Gypsy Blood. If you like Northeast wrecks and WW2 history, you’ll like the Tolten. Despite the overall lack of structure remaining, there’s still a lot to see. Surprisingly, there are still artifacts to be ...
Photos in New Jersey
Round Valley NJ
American Eel
Dinner Time
Mantis Shrimp
Lobster in NJ
Belmar NJ
Diving Rockland County wreck off new jersey coast
Maclearie Park Highlights
NJ wreck dive
USS Cruise AM/MSF-215 Gregory_Poole
Red crab
Posing for its photo
Dive Clubs in New Jersey
Photo Club Name Location Club Members
Meadowlands SCUBA Meetup Carlstadt NJ  5
South Jersey Dive Club Haddon Township NJ  4
Pristine Azul New Jersey Dive Club Wayne NJ  3
Diveinstructions Newark NJ  3
877-SCUBA-USA Paramus NJ  3
Personal Scuba Training Jersey City NJ  3
East Coast Scuba Club Northfield NJ  3
Underwater Adventures Dive Club Short Hills New Jersey  2
Scuba Connection Dive Team Garfield NJ  1
Metuchen Underwater Divers Metuchen New Jersey  1
Articles about New Jersey
Dive the New Jersey waters Dive the New Jersey waters
JudiHope - 12/09/2012 3:24 PM
As divers, we rush to take advantage of diving in the Caribbean, South Florida, Great Barrier Reef, Fiji and many other exotic locations. Conditions are optimal to make memories.But the reality is that sometimes it is difficult to break......
Crater Lake NJ
ScouterJT - 9/25/2008 7:14 PM
"Scout" and I decided to check out Crater Lake in western NJ today. Crater Lake is at about 1400 foot elevation in the Kittany range, outside of Millbrook Village. It’s part of the national park service. Beyond that, a mystery. This was to be a scouting expedition to see if this would be good site for a larger outing. We met at my office at 8 and loaded my stuff into Scout’s car. We got to Crater Lake at about 9 o’clock or so. It’s a nice place; a large lake, some picnic tables, bear-proof trash...
Shark River Inlet - NJ
Absolute - 8/04/2008 4:27 PM
Last Friday and Saturday nights, I went diving at the Shark River Inlet in Belmar/Avon, NJ. Saturday was a much better dive...there were about 15 fewer divers in the water than there were on Friday! Also, high tide was 35-40 minutes later, so it was truly dark when I entered the water (the darker the better for marine life to come out of hiding). Vis was great for the first two thirds of the dive, but toward the end of the dive after the tide turned, it decreased quite a bit, but still not too b...
NJ shore july 6th
alonnyc - 6/08/2008 8:35 AM
New Diver Special extra hands will be on board to make your first foray into the North Atlantic an interesting, safe, and enjoyable adventure Need a buddy for Sunday - July 6th
NJ dive club report NJ dive club report
AP - 11/27/2007 7:00 PM
I didn`t want to message all of my buddies with this, because some are not from Jersey. I mentioned to a few buddies that I was going to check out a couple local dive clubs, and they asked for a `report`, so here is tis! Okay, so I went to the Divers Anonymous dive club meeting last night. There were about 15 people, mostly older guys (one lady and a few young guys), which is typical. They usually get around 20, and there are 40+ total members. They were very welcoming and everyone seemed pretty...