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M-i-k-e - 3/16/2015 9:42 PM
Hey Dr. Bill...I was wondering how the dive park is recovering?
C-h-r-i-s - 1/10/2014 1:58 PM
Hi Dr. Bill.. We met at the dive park on Dec 26th...My brother-in-law Mike and myself....great conversations...See ya in Catalina again soon.
M-i-k-e - 10/21/2013 4:21 PM
Hey Bill I’ll be diving Catalina on December 26 & 27!

RoyJN - 1/28/2008 2:42 PM
OH no! I failed my reef check test...not only that, I caused all the fishes to vanished! Now I`m sad...
firehorse5 - 1/21/2008 10:01 AM
Thanks! But I`m a skier too! lol I didn`t know about that statistic. Very interesting. Especially since I don`t know of anyplace in MD--except for Deep Creek Lake--for divers to go! Some brave the Susquehana for colonial artifacts but that`s a zero vis dive and quite muddy. That doesn`t include offshore diving of course. All the divers I know go to PA and elsewhere for inland diving. lol
Scubababe - 1/21/2008 9:33 AM
Thank you ! Kim :)
BeachCrabs - 1/01/2008 10:18 PM
Thanks for the B-Day wishes, Bill!
MonkeyDiver - 12/12/2007 2:16 PM
Bill, I`m sure you`ll manage some how. When are you going? I`ll be going there next spring. Wayne
ScubaKitten - 12/09/2007 6:07 PM
Well thanks for the forgiveness on the cold water. Honestly if I didn`t freeze, I would dive the cold waters - there are some beautiful things to see. Oh and you look great for being 60! I never would have guessed it! Enjoy the cold waters for me.
ScubaKitten - 12/09/2007 12:23 PM
I`ve seen those cool critters. I was certified in Monterey for my open water and my advanced. Just more to see in the warm water and I`m not constantly wanting to abort the dive because I am frozen.
sk290 - 12/08/2007 10:23 AM
I`ll check it out, both your articles and Kelp Kathedral. And I`ll take it as an invitation to dive... :) Have a great day! sk
sk290 - 12/08/2007 10:03 AM
Aw, thank you! Flights to Houston occurs on a daily basis you know... :) I love warm waters but I`m always up for something new, at least once. Kelp forest huh? Sounds interesting! Tell me what that`s like. :) sk