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Has anyone ever dived in BERMUDA?
DiveGirl55 - 3/28/2009 1:28 PM
Category: General
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Going there next month. Are there any places to dive there? What dive ops are good? etc. Thanks
UWnewbee - 3/28/2009 2:24 PM
Ok Valentina,, I got a gr8 idea,,,, you take me,, and,,,,,, We can both find a place to dive,,, goota go pack,,,,TTL
NitroxNick - 3/28/2009 5:16 PM
I’ve never been there but it’s on my list of places I’d like to go. It’s loaded with wrecks of all kinds , levels of skill, and dates sunk. There’s even Civil War wrecks. Find out what the water temp. will be while you’re there.
pinkladydi - 3/29/2009 9:18 AM

when I booked a wreck dive I got a sand bottom with a large piece of trash they claimed to be a boiler, not what I would call a wreck..

tank valves leaked, short fills and they wouldn’t let me use the air I had

they rolled up the streets at 6PM so unless I wanted to gamble in their casino there wasn’t much to do after dinner ( I live driving distance to Vegas ) I went there to dive not gamble

the best thing I did was pack a jar of peanut butter in my luggage, as it wasnt easy to get food before the dive, THE BEST PART OF THE TRIP WAS THE FRIENDS I WENT WITH , needless to say it isn’t a destination I would return to, been diving since 83 and I find Mexico has more fish and more bang for my buck


DiveGirl55 - 4/08/2009 3:40 AM

Yeah, it is funny I cannot recall a time I have heard of ANY diving or dvie stories from Bermuda. Just not the hot spot.

Well, it is a good thing I am shooting a calendar there then, and it is not a real dive trip. I will save up for somewhere else!


Thanks everyone!