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Boston Sea Rovers
SeacoastNH - 2/24/2009 1:03 AM
Category: Event
Replies: 5

I was just wondering if anybody was planning on attending the convention in Boston March 7-8...

divemaiden - 2/24/2009 5:40 AM
It’s a possibility, but no set plans.
scott - 2/24/2009 1:12 PM
I’ll be there Brian. I was hoping to take the dry suit repair class again but have no other plans than walking around wish for one of each thing I see. I changes up some gear since I saw you last. I now have a Hollis ATS and steel tanks. Call me if you care to hook up before the trip. 603 321 5399 Scott
Tibbar23 - 2/25/2009 9:36 AM
I will be there Saturday taking a U/W Video class in the morning and roaming around that afternoon, Also will be there on Sunday around noon time with a group of Mass bay divers and are planning to go to Fire & Ice after. You are welcome to come along.
SeacoastNH - 2/28/2009 3:56 AM
Good to hear from you Scott. I haven’t finalized plans yet either. The wreck lectures look interesting...

I’ll give you a call by the middle of the week.

SeacoastNH - 2/28/2009 4:02 AM
Hello. I’m not sure if I’m going both days...definitely Sat. Ill look at the schedule again and maybe get together one of those days. You’re UW pics look awesome. I need to get into that aspect of diving!