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Question about Women’s Equipment
cntrychck18 - 11/30/2008 2:55 AM
Category: Equipment
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Is there really a big difference between men’s and women’s bc’s and regs?

Do the regs breathe easier, smaller, lighter, what?

Also on the topic, any women have a set that they just absolutely love that they would never want to dive without?

I have a budget of about $1500 for bc, reg, and computer.

Pixel - 11/30/2008 11:17 AM

I believe there is definately a difference between women and men’s BC’s.

I dive with an Aqua Lung Pearl I3 and it’s the best BC I’ve ever dived with. It’s comfortable and very easy to get into and out of. It’s also very chest friendly in that it had broad "panels" for lack of a better word, that goes over the chest, therefore not digging in where it’s not welcome. It also recognises that many women need tank weights and has 2 built in weight pockets on the tank strap. It also has some very handy pockets for bit and pieces including a hidden pocket that pulls down if needed.

As for regulator, I have a Mares proton 42 she dives. I’ve never had a reg that breathes as easly as this. (and I’ve used many regs). It’s also very light so it’s has less jaw fatigue.
Bigdogdown - 11/30/2008 1:00 PM
Mares has a nice line called " She Dives" with their Alkalai BC and proton regulator. You wont find much difference in regulators between men and women, the difference comes between cold and deep performance for tech and recreational divers. To that end though Zeagle also has a nice BC called the Zena. Now there is a way to make sure that your BC is perfect, you can go the backplate and single webbing route ( called a Hogarthan rig) that will afford you the ultimate in streamlining and simplicity though you should have someone who knows what their doing to help you set it up and teach you the subtle differences in diving a rig like that though. But then I am a bit of a techie so you know where I’m coming from. Though it is the ultimate in adjustability.
legaleagle - 11/30/2008 10:06 PM
You better believe that there is a difference. Among other things the straps on a woman’s BC are in a different place, and the design in different. If you go online to some of the big dive equipment web sites they will give you information on women’s equipment.
Diverguy1 - 12/01/2008 12:02 PM
Beth is right. There are plenty of BC differences. My best advice...TRY IT ON. You will never know how it fits without actually having it on. It looks nice in the catalog but everyone is different. Take your wet suit or drysuit with you and try them on complete with tank. Then you will really know how it feels and fits your body.
scubaclay - 12/01/2008 12:04 PM
There is no divverence between regs. I’m not sure about womens BCD’s I say use what is most comfortable to you. My wife FoxyRoxy uses a mens OMS system, and loves it.
DiveGirl55 - 12/03/2008 1:52 PM


I use mostly ALL MARES. I have the SHE DIVES BC and it is super comfy! Lots of pockets and other goodies to hang stuff on. Also a whistle! Wheeee! (or whiiiift!) hahaha.

I was going to go with the other bcds that had a spandex type ’bra’ thingy in the front (since I am chesty), but opted for more support with a stiffer material that the Mares gives me.

The MALE bcds tend to be more rugged, stiff (ironic!) and built for the male torso (i.e. loose). That is why they make the women’s ones, not for marketing, but for sheer comfort, and the fact that it just makes sense!

TRY THEM ALL on, before you decide. Maybe even rent (or borrow) a few, to TRULY try them out (in the ocean).

FOR MY REG, I spent $1,900 on the Limited Edition Metal Tech by Mares, which is the smallest reg out there (there may be a few new ones out there), but the metal causes condensation to get ’caught’ in the reg, which prevents dry mouth. I LOVE it! And since it is small, it also prevents mouth/jaw fatigue. This is your life supply, be GOOD TO YOURSELF!

YOUR SAFETY, should NEVER have a price on it!

Pick new over used, if you can, and it would be better to charge the items, or put them on lay-away and pay over time, to get 1) what you really want and deserve, and 2) to ensure you get the best you can.

I trust with all the great advice, and fabulous divers here, you will make the RIGHT DECISION!

NOW...go see some fishies!
DryDiver - 12/07/2008 7:15 AM
If you are trying to get a Reg, BCD and computor set up for the $1500 I would recommend the following. It’s the exact setup that my girlfriend uses (Dolphingirl ). She bought all new this season. We did a lot of looking around for te best price on the best eqipment that she she could get. Let face it, its a tough economy right now and we all need to be a little more frugle with our spending.

She ended up bying the Pearl i3 BCD. She absolutly loves it. Best support in a BC that she has ever used, she has been diving for over ten years now. It is a little pricy in the $500.00 range but well worth the money. The reg set she bought was the Aqua Lung Titan LX. It is a very light reg that offers adjustment durring a dive that is very easy.

She has had the reg to 100’ and said that it felt no different than when she was on the surface. I dont recall the octo that she bought but I know that it was an Aqua Lung and that she paid around $90.00 for it.

The computor is an Areis Atmos AI. one of the most user friendly comp on the market. Super large display on what counts while under water. But the comp is not too big. It is an air integrated computor as well. You can get tese starting out at $450.00

Good luck on your purchases....

Dive safe, Dive Often