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Missing San Francisco Diver
Jeannette - 3/28/2007 2:22 PM
Category: Training
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Two weekends ago, a local SF diver went missing after he left on his boat to go out solo diving up the coast a bit. According to the newspaper article, the search for him was called off on the 21st. This saddens me. Not only because of his beautiful photographs, but because he felt it was safe enough to go out diving alone.

I am amazed at the cavalier attitude some divers have - recently a "near buddy" on a boat trip out of Ft. Lauderdale stating that, if my husband and I needed to surface early, that he would just "stay down". What sort of foolishness is that? I suppose this is just a reminder to all of us I suppose.

Link to the Diver`s Website of Photography:

Sadly, the end of his bio says "Even the most dedicated underwater photographer is forced to endure a surface interval once in a while."
okmister1 - 4/01/2007 1:02 AM
I don`t think it`s quite that cut and dried when it comes to the buddy system. I think having a couple of buddies together who know each other and their skills definately increases the safety margin, especially for newer divers or chanllenging dives. But let`s face it, life isn`t that simple. articleid=8&zoneid=1 SDI actually offers a solo diver specialty. Other types of divers, actually advocate solo diving. NE wreck divers are apparently famous for it. I`m not saying that buddy diving shouldn`t be the norm in most every circumstance. But a nearly religious adherance to it without actually thinking through the reasons doesn`t really help anyone, you or your buddy.
NWKatShark - 7/02/2007 8:21 PM
I`m a little late on this subject, but...... Various Certification Agencies are teaching Solo Diving. Ultimately, each diver is realistically Solo, when it comes down to it. Irresponsible would have been if a diver was LEFT solo from a group. If a diver ELECTS to go solo, he/she is obviously comfortable enough with their skills, knowledge, ability and equipment to do so. I`m not necessarily advocating solo diving, but I do it myself and I don`t think I`m being irresponsible. I know my limits and I pay much more heightened awareness of my environment and equipment when doing so. If I feel I may be having the least little problem, and there are no other divers nearby, I`m goin` up. No questions asked. My regular buddy and I always have a dive plan and it usually involves the ultimate seperation factor. We both agree that if we lose one another, we`re on our own. BUT we do agree to surface, check for a bubble pattern, and continue he dive unless we feel here may be a problem.