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Morehead City Good Eatin’??
dalehall - 8/02/2008 2:15 PM
Category: Travel
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Hey Folks..
I have a small group headed to Morehead City to dive the Outer Banks 14-17 August. We’re staying at the Bucanneer Inn and diving with Olympus. With all that figured out, now comes the next important part of the trip: Where to eat!!!
When I dive, I like eatin’ seafood at least a couple times during the trip. Any good "Mom and Pop" type seafood joints around that you would recommend? How about Steak places?? Even places that don’t fall under those two catagories are welcome.. No telling what the others in my group will want to eat during our 3 nights there. Also, what about a decent place divers can knock down a cold beverage or two?? We’ve got GPS, so if you have a name, we should be able to find it..
Thanks for your help,
Eve - 8/02/2008 5:59 PM

Oh boy there are a few good ones, the Sanitary restaurant for very casual in expensive seafood. The sand bar / tiki lounge is good, nuce location a little pricey though. While on the main road thru Morehead/beaufort/emerald isle there are many places right along the water that are great. More seafood then you can shake a stick at !

you can go check out for tons of information on the area.


Have fun

Lulu - 8/07/2008 1:24 PM

Hi there. IMHO, Sanitary is pretty bad food although I give it an A for it’s history and atmosphere for families. It is always fun. Fried food is best here and I don’t eat fried food so I will admit my bias.

Keep in mind that because of the crisis in small fishing businesses, much of the locally caught seafood ends up on tables in NYC and Boston. A fair number of the lower priced places import their seafood because it is cheaper. Then there is the catch that gets sold to the wholesale market in NYC and is shipped back down to NC. Crazy, isn’t it? So it is good to know...

So, a semi-locals review..

Inexpensive/Casual (20 ish per total)-Morehead-AJ’s is a good bet for a casual place. Indian Beach-Frank and Clara’s. Atlantic Beach-Channel Marker isn’t bad, not all local food but decent.

Moderate-Atlantic Beach-Watermark. They serve some local seafood. Fun Bar too.

Slightly pricey-Morehead-William’s is good. Beaufort-Blue Moon Bistro-hands down, my favorite. Also Stillwater’s is very good. Both serve local catches. Beaufort is right beside Morehead, has cute bars to hang in (Dockhouse, Backstreet), and a lot of great history.

Got any unsold spots on your trip?


Lulu - 8/07/2008 1:26 PM
Oh, and Dale, please tell anyone driving to be VERY careful. Everyone runs around between Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, and Morehead. There is a 20 MPH zone right on the main drag in Morehead that is used to pull people coming back from Beaufort, which is the best place to hang out for food and beverages. Once they pull you, they work real hard to find out if you have been drinking.
dalehall - 8/07/2008 7:37 PM
Great.. Thanks for the advice from both of you and the word about the speed trap. Actually, we just found out the inland afternoon dive on Saturday lost a booking from a group of 14, so it’s pretty open. we’re thinking about jumping on it.. We’re already on the 2 tank for Friday and Saturday.. I honestly don’t know if there are spots available or not.. Best thing to do is call them up.. If you get on either of those boats, shout my name when we’re on the boat. I’ll be the bald headed one. Or, actually, I’ll be the one with the "Corona" bandana on my head in the morning.
Lulu - 8/08/2008 7:54 AM

Hi Dale,

The inland dive may be the Indra, I hear it is a lot of fun, it is not so deep so you get a long time on it.

I have a place down there, so I may show up on some boat or the other that weekend.

Check Beaufort out for evening hanging out, it is literally a mile or so from your motel (directly through the speed trap in Morehead). The Dockhouse is really fun as is Backstreet Pub. Take a cab and all will be well.

Have fun at the Crystal Coast!

dalehall - 8/19/2008 12:59 PM
Thanks everyone.. We had a blast in Morehead City.. First off, No speeding tickets.. :)
We ate at Sanitary, Piccata’s and Floyd’s. Sanitary was "ok" but you would actually expect better walking into the place. Piccata’s was good and Floyd’s was GREAT!!
We dove the Cassimir, U-352, Spar and yes, the inshore was the Indra. All good dives, but I’m not sure the Cassimir is worth a 3 hour boat ride out there. Outstanding service from Olympus Dive Center. Overall, an excellnet trip!! We will be back!!