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Mares Computer - Merge Dives
hansenb88 - 4/27/2016 7:05 PM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 2

Does anyone here have a Mares Matrix wrist computer and use the Dive Organizer 2.19 software? I am looking for a way to merge 2 dives together in the database and according the website, this should be possible as the release notes state "FIX. Missing translations on "Merge Dives" context menu (-ca, -it, -es). " and if they are fixing a menu that allows merge dives then I can’t imagine it is too hard, but I can’t find this option at all.

Alternatively, does anyone have a Mares Matrix computer and use a different PC based software to look at / log their dives? I’m specifically looking to merge 2 because I lost my buddy and surfaced but want to figure out how my air consumption was... and don’t have a record of what I surfaced with when finding my buddy.
danbowkley - 4/30/2016 1:47 PM
I gotta put in a big +1 for Subsurface. Not only does it speak to basically every dive computer on the planet, it’s multi platform and even has cloud sync and an Android app. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a menu option to help you get into your wetsuit.