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NJ RR bridge at Point Pleasant, Sunday 4-24-16, Naked Divers Welcome
BeekeeperGreg - 4/22/2016 10:22 PM
Category: Buddy Wanted
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At least two of us are diving the RR Bridge at Gull Island. This is a good dive spot but must be dove at High slack. Water temp last week was 52 F, so be carefull if diving naked.

The dive starts about 15-30 minutes after high tide (9:45).
DiverfromBaskingRidge - 4/23/2016 9:18 AM
The Shark River Inlet was 45 last night - but it is a bit deeper than the RR bridge and closer to the open ocean.
Reminds me of a Seinfield episode with George getting dressed after a swim and Elaine walking in on him - he was talking to Jerry about "shrinkage" due to the cold water...
Can not commit yet but looking to see if I can dive - my wife is away on business...
ram04769 - 4/23/2016 2:50 PM
From LatitudeAdjustment: I told her next time she could probably borrow everything!

There are some things that just shouldn’t be seen. LOL
DiverfromBaskingRidge - 4/24/2016 2:56 PM
Started out at the Manasquan Rail Road bridge - but one out of the three buddies bailed on the dive - it was windy and he thought it was too cold - so the second buddy and I decided to dive the Shark River Inlet on Ocean Ave under the bridge. Against my better judgement we went - I like to mosey to a site and sit and wait for the tide before I jump in and since I had been there Friday night and had 1 foot viz I was not excited to go... But given the fact we drove an hour I wanted to dive - so we hustled over to SR Inlet knowing we were late to the tide change...

The sun came out and the wind died down on the way over and it really looked like a beach day than a dive day - so far so good. We got dressed pretty quickly knowing we were behind schedule for the bridge.

Got to the abutment and just like Friday night the water looked good but I could tell the tide had turned before we got in. So here we go - giant stride off the abutment... Wait - what? There is 7 foot viz - WTH? I can see everything including a bicycle at the bottom of the abutment - I sat there waiting for my buddy looking at things I had not seen before. What a great feeling to see what I had been touching two nights ago...

Wow - 6 to 7 foot viz - never seen it so good. Was really nice seeing what I had not seen before - you could see everything. Went to the pylons on the bay side and then to the bulk head - saw big Taug but my buddy did not have his gun loaded... Came back over the structure and saw all kinds of Taug - since my buddy was shooting we were were essentially diving solo - so I decided to haul the bike up and out of the water. I felt bad for a kid that I assumed was fishing and knocked his bike into the inlet. I really worked at getting the bike and not wrapping myself with my dive flag line. Sure hindsight is 20/20 and I should have tied off the flag at the bottom before doing the recovery - but I did not think about. Got the bike to the surface but it was a work out - I know your thinking how can that be it is only a bike. I could not get it to cooperate underwater with one hand wrapping the line for the flag. A fisherman helped once I got it out of the water and then I went back down. Ended up leaving the bike under the bridge in hopes the kid recovers it - rather than someone just taking it...

I went back down over the wooden structure and found a brass bolt about 18 inches long with washers and a nut - I kept that. I like brass things and this was cool from a dive site I frequent - so this was coming back with me.

Totally forgot - 13 foot avg - 20 foot max - 51 degrees minimum but boy it felt warm - 38 minute dive - could have gone longer but the viz was starting to drop after the tide had turned. In at 10:11 and out at 10:49am - great dive and now I know what it looks like under the bridge...

Good dive.
BeekeeperGreg - 4/24/2016 3:24 PM
Good dive, should have started 20 minutes sooner.
FYI- my knife has 1" increments , total lenght 7".