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Looking for a large scuba-diving log
webbinator - 2/28/2016 11:22 AM
Category: Books & Videos
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I am looking for a LARGE scuba-diving log. I have some water damage and I am at about 380 dives since I started decades ago. I know, I know, the computer will log them I can print them out, etc. However, I have an AI Atmos dive computer and never bought the cable that came with it to log the dives. I am not saying I am not willing to learn, but my computer is over 8 years old and think it will become a backup computer in the next two years.

I just purchased a MK 17 reg with A700 because my 14-year old MK 25 is making a noise like I am torturing a small animal when I exceed 3ATM. It has been serviced and all of that, but it is old. Both things have done right by me and I like to manually calculate the dives as well.

The traditional dive log books that I get from PADI seem to hold about 70 dives. I am looking for something, other than the filler pages, that I can log more than one dive on a single page and with over 100 pages.

webbinator - 2/29/2016 9:28 AM
I will probably try that. I am going digitized with my next computer. My current one could do it, but I would have to buy the cable and it is already 8-years old. I plan on making it my redundancy computer when I get an air-integrated wrist computer.

Sonnylynnvick75 - 3/01/2016 3:17 PM
Just create your own. Thats what I did. I can email you a copy of mine. holds 2 dives per page
Agojo - 3/04/2016 4:53 AM
I created my own, 3 dives on one side of each page that fits in my old work Franklin Day Planner. Used MS which was little cumbersome but worked.
wolfman001 - 1/25/2018 10:25 PM
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