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Diving in Bonaire
WebFoot - 12/06/2015 12:56 AM
Category: New Diver Q&A
Replies: 3

I spent a week in Cozamel diving. Things are still new to me. Want to go to Bonaire and do boat dives. Need help with gear. Recommendations of where to stay and dive masters that are willing to help a new diver.
SeaGoat - 12/07/2015 7:54 PM
You want to do boat dives in Bonaire?! The place is famous for its shore dives.

That said, there are a couple of big resorts there that are decent and you should be able to find a dive master there. (I haven’t been there since 2008 so I don’t want to give you old info.) It’s also a good idea to check the resorts listed with NAUI, PADI and SSI. The organizations help make sure that their dive programs are up to standards and will let you know if they have committed violations or lost their organizational memberships.

As a new diver, you are very smart to think about going with a dive master. However, as you meet others at the resort, you will probably find more experienced divers who will take you under their wing. This will let you get more diving in and save some money. I recommend Pink Beach at sunrise. It’s an easy dive for a newbie and the morning light is just magical when you are underwater. If you’re lucky, you may catch night feeders such as squid before they return to the depths.
SeaGoat - 12/07/2015 7:57 PM
P.S. Get your nitrox certification either before you go or right when you get there. This will help you do more dives during the day.
ellishugh - 1/10/2016 8:35 AM
I went to Bonaire early in my dive career and did several boat dives because I did not have a travel dive buddy. Boat dives gave an opportunity to meet other divers and I was able hook up with them to also do some shore diving. We will be at Buddy Dive March 8 - 15 , 2016. Will be doing boat and shore diving.