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OCeanic Datamask
Diverguy1 - 6/29/2008 1:52 PM
Category: Equipment
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Hi all...

I had the chance to use my new Datamask this weekend with Open Water students. WOW! This is really the way to go! Especially if you are an instructor, having the ability to focus on your students and not on your arm is fantastic. After a bit of initial figeting to make sure I could see the screen, it was smooth sailing. The side button is a bit difficult to locate with 7mm gloves but no problems with seeing the screen or reading the information. My "older" face caused a small bit of leak but then I can’t find a mask that I don’t have a bit of leaking. The only downside I can see is that it is impossible to show anyone my guage and after the dive, I had to put the mask to my face to review the dive log. But overall I think those are small issues for something that truely is a remarkable piece of technology! It’s pricey but weel worth the investment! -Diverguy1 "Greg"
seawolfdiving - 6/29/2008 2:50 PM
Wow. This sounds great. Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas this year... Now if they could only include a compass in the heads up display.
Diverguy1 - 6/29/2008 9:25 PM
That would really make this the UTMOST!

I forgot to mention that the PC interface is pretty cool but the cable connection to the mask is a bit finicky.
Snappahead - 7/02/2008 3:07 PM
Hey diverguy, I finally got to use my Datamask in a pool this past weekend. While I like it, I found the very last line of the HUD to be difficult to read....did you have any issues like this?
Diverguy1 - 7/02/2008 4:08 PM
When I first put the mask on I had to fiddle with it up and down to find the "Sweet Spot." There is a point where everything is nice and clear but you may have to move the mask up or down a bit to find it.
Snappahead - 7/03/2008 9:48 AM
Figured as much, thanks....but a pain if you have a goatee ;)
SeaGoat - 7/03/2008 7:30 PM
I’m so jealous. I totally want to buy one if I ever sell my house. (BTW - if you need a nice house in Oklahoma City and you like peach trees, drop me a line)
Diverguy1 - 7/03/2008 10:55 PM
I’m a former Kansas lad...but have discovered the Pacific Northwest! Sorry. Gonna stay here!
DanM - 1/31/2009 11:58 AM
when it first came out i put one on my face and it seemed to really give you tunnel vision, if it works for you that is great, awsome idea, but it just seemed to take away even more of my perifural vision. Dan