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Looking for Lake Murray Ok dive/car pool buddy for next Saturday/Sunday
BillParker - 10/30/2013 1:43 PM
Category: Buddy Wanted
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I’m looking for a car pool dive buddy. The weather next Saturday and Sunday looks favorable for diving Lake Murray again. Light wind, sunny, and highs in the 60s should be pleasant. Water temps will probably still be in the 60sF and you can still do a 60 minute dive easily in a wet suit. There’s no worry on being cold. Just jump in the car to warm up after a dive. My propane heater also helps warm up the hands and feet during SIs. Maybe fall colors will be showing on the trees finally. Since the crowds have been reduced at Marietta Landing Campground one thing to do is go back and recover the two anchors I spotted there earlier this year although I can’t remember where I spooted them anymore. Another idea is the cool dive that starts at the cliff, goes deep enough to see underwater cliffs, and finish at the cabin cruiser area and feed the fish fried chicken scraps. Checking up on the crab trap to see how the repair project is going and recovering the Weber grills that afe East of the steel tower is another idea. Also I still haven’t succeeded in finding the old Volkswagon wreck that’s at 77ft somewhere West of the steel tower. Maybe try to visit one of the 100ft spots briefly. I have to warn anyone that the last two dives I have had sinus equalization problems and limited my depth and rate of ascent/descent to deal with it although the next time I dive I’ll try out some Sudafed or Claritin D in order to make it easier.
JasonP - 11/04/2013 9:34 PM
Hey Bill. What you need is Mucinex (Guafenisen). It’s an expectorant and will thin the mucus, making equalization much easier. Publix has a generic version that’s about 60% of the cost of the brand-name stuff. Skip teh decongestants and just go with the guaifenisen.

Get the one in the BLUE BOX. It’s pure guafenisin, with no acetominophen or other additives. This is a basic tool for freedivers. We descend at about a meter per second and equalize every second or so and have to be able to get quick, clean, clear equalizations to get decent depth and/or bottom time.

Take 600mg every 12 hours starting 24 hours before you’ll be in the water. Sometimes I start 48 hours before.

Can’t tell if your trip is this weekend or was last weekend. Either way, GoodDive to you!

-Jason Parker
BillParker - 11/05/2013 6:28 AM
There was no trip. I was looking for a dive buddy for last weekend and I didn’t find one. Thanks for the tip I’ll try that.