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Bonaire 2012 mission debrief
Seawolf5 - 3/17/2012 9:30 AM
Category: Travel
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Greetings, Divers!

Just got back from Bonaire. Spent 8 glorious days at the Buddy Dive Resort and the diving, as usual, was grrrreat!!! This trip I did Oil Slick, 1,000 steps (again, for the hoooah and the babes!!!), Small Wall, Bloodlet, Andrea II, Petrie’s Pillar, Invisibles, Black Forest (KB), Sharon’s Serenity (KB), Rock Pile (KB), Sampler (KB), Carl’s Hill (KB), and Knife (KB), er... for the uninformed, KB stands for Klein Bonaire. Right now getting ready for a Blackbeard’s Liveaboard in May and the Aquacat in October. Hey, there’s nothing happening @ the library, so off I goes, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!
InfoSecDVR - 3/18/2012 5:33 AM
Thanks for the update. I will be at Capt Don’s 3/31-4/7, I can’t wait! This will be the kickoff of my dive season.

Is there 1 or 2 sites that really stood out for you?

I have not dove since Thanksgiving Day weekend. This is the longest I have ever been out of the water since I got certified. I will make sure it doesn’t ever happen again.
webbinator - 3/18/2012 6:32 AM
I am trying to take some leave and go to Bonaire. I want unlimited shore dives and a nice room, as well as some boat dives. I am looking at May or June 2012. What do you recommend?
Seawolf5 - 3/18/2012 11:36 AM
Buenas tardes, InfoSecDVR and webinator!!!

InfoSecDude, we ate @ Cpt Don’s on one of our evenings and I was licking everything, from my fingertips to the plate, it was that gooooooooooooooood, you won’t regret it! I always "go down" on the Hooker (the standard Bonaire joke!) and this trip I really liked Oil Slick, nice reef, lots of fishies and stuff, also The Invisibles is a favorite of mine. Hope this helps some, safe diving!

Webinator (I’ll guess you’ll be back!) In reference to your wishes, we always stay @ Buddy Dive, as it has all the amenities you can think of to support your time there. Pick up truck as part of the package per room, Nitrox drive-thru station and yes, unlimited shore diving. They also have special dives such as a night dive in Klein Bonaire and a night Salt Pier dive for a nominal price, so you have options. Check the website for the resort and you’ll be better informed as to what they have. This last trip was my fourth to buddy dive, and planning the next one for next year if not sooner! Safe travels and diving!!!
webbinator - 3/18/2012 7:46 PM
Buddy Dive is the one I keep hearing about. I may have limited time so I decided on Bonaire over Palau.