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Membership Review and Approval
theoctopus - 2/14/2012 4:04 PM
Category: Web Site Help
Replies: 9

Every time I try to respond to a message that has been sent to me on this site, I am told that I won’t be able to do so until my membership is reviewed and approved. Unfortunately, when I try to message a moderator to inform them of this, I receive the same error message.

How might I go about fixing the situation?
dalehall - 2/15/2012 6:44 AM
I’m not sure. I checked your profile and everything seems to be right.. I’m going add you as a friend and see what happens then..
theoctopus - 2/15/2012 7:36 AM
I am able to add friends without issue, but it’s still a no go on responding to messages.

Hopefully it’ll get solved soon. Thanks for helping!
Greg - 2/15/2012 8:56 AM
We manually review new members to help keep spammers from joining. We usually review and respond within a day or so. Until then, you are free to login, build your profile, share photos and participate in the forum. Once approved you will be able to send messages and post comments. Thank you.
theoctopus - 2/15/2012 8:58 AM
Thanks Greg. I had a feeling I was maybe just jumping the gun, but I wanted to be sure it wasn’t an error in the system somewhere as a moderator I had been corresponding with via e-mail said it shouldn’t have still been an issue.
UWnewbee - 2/15/2012 2:53 PM
Things working better now for you? Glad you got the answer/s you were looking for
Baja - 3/08/2012 5:30 PM
I have the same issue. I guess Ill just cool my jets till im approved.
Suzukistreet - 3/11/2012 1:33 PM
Been almost a week for my wait... Hopefully whoever reviews is enjoying a dive and has some good pictures/stories to share!
ALASKAMAN - 3/12/2012 12:29 AM
membership approval is slow. I’ll just keep waiting and see what happens. i’m going to Kona in like three weeks hope to find a dive buddy before i go. But I can’t contact anyone. thks
Greg - 3/12/2012 9:04 AM
Sorry for the delay guys, I trained more people on how to manually approve so hopefully it will be faster going forward. You all should be good now.