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Ocean Reef Neptune Raptor Question
GrayT - 2/10/2012 7:06 AM
Category: Equipment
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I am thinking about buying the Ocean Reef Neptune Raptor. I would like to know, from someone that has purchased one, if it comes "ready to use" right out of the box. I am currently in Afghanistan with no access to LDS. Might be buying one in May before dive trip.

Also, any information (Pros/Cons) would be greatly appreciated.
Greg - 2/10/2012 8:11 AM
You’re going to get one of these:

That is sweet! Almost as cool as the helmet that converts water into oxygen :) I don’t have any experience with full face masks, but I’m sure someone else out there will be able to answer your question.

Thanks and have fun with it!

p.s. Stay safe over there.
OUBobcat - 2/10/2012 5:52 PM
I have used it before just to try one out in a pool dive. It was alright. Takes a little to get used to it. The only thing I had to assemble was adding the mike into the facemask and placing the earpiece on the band. The only thing I didn’t like about the mask was it made me feel clausterphobic. From the looks I think OTS has a better nose clearing piece. For the Ocean Reefs there are two plugs that you have to adjust and its hard to get them right. I tried all different combos for them and none could really help me clear. I would like to find an OTS to try so I could compare them.
DumpsterDiver - 3/03/2012 8:50 AM
I have used both, the OTS and the OceanReef. I own the OceanReef. I use it for several types of diving... Lake dives that could become a mud hole as soon as somebody touches the bottom, golf course ponds when I dive for balls and when I’m diving on the dive team. I still use a standard mask and reg as well. You will find that it has it’s time and place. I have a quick release on my air hose so I can swap from the FFM to the standard reg in 3 seconds. The OTS seems slightly easier to equalize if your new to FFM. Once you use a OceanReef , like anything else, you learn how it works. The biggest thing to know about the OceanReef is that you will find it more comfortable to use with the proper length hose, swivle , quick disconnect and surface air valve (SAV). The SAV is a must. It’s about $50 if your doesnt come with one. It allows you to breath surface air and talk while above water. You would think the mask would come with these options for the price you pay. You need to wear you Octo reg on a necklace and a back up mask in a pocket when using a FFM. Of course be sure to learn the mask in a pool before you go open water with it. I always use a 19cuft pony (redundant air source) for my back up rather then pulling from the same bottle. Hope this info helps, feel free to hit me up with more questions. My team is about to get the state patrol surplus mask ( 1 year old) that have the visor lights and heads up display in them. I have not used these options , so it will be new for me . All in all, I love my OceanReef mask. A lot of research goes into a product before the state patrol buys anything. They just have deeper pockets and get new stuff more often . Good luck with your purchase and stay safe over seas.
DumpsterDiver - 3/03/2012 9:01 AM
I didn’t answer your question. Unless things have changed, the answer is no. Everything I mentioned is an add on. I also found that no one particular place is cheaper than another when buying these add ons. I tend to just shop around online and find the best price with free shipping. So my stuff is from different dive shops. If your looking for a one stop shop, I think diver supply in Macon , Ga has or can get all the options . They would install it all prior to shipping I’m sure if you emailed them and asked. They do a lot of work with law enforcement dive teams and public safety teams. It’s important to use, buy from and talk to a shop that knows the product. A lot of shops hardly ever have their hands on a FFM. They can order one, but they are not all familuar with the product. Here is a link to diver-supply.