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Joining a LDS Dive Club
Precious_Cargo_Diving - 4/13/2011 6:33 PM
Category: Survey
Replies: 26

If given the opportunity to become a member of a LDS Dive Club for an established annual fee (between $50 & $75). What services would I most like to have offered as part of my annual fee? Basic membership would include monthly meetings, scheduled dive trips for reduced rates, specialized training again at discounted prices. Comments are welcome - tell me what else would make it a club worth joining.
theop - 5/03/2011 7:47 AM
[Choose #2] air fill card will be good for the LDS - people come for the air - leave with a bunch of new toys
Pixel - 5/03/2011 5:15 AM
[Choose #4] Shore dives. Too many clubs do mainly boat dives. Not all of us love boats.
TColJeep - 4/16/2011 7:52 PM
[Choose #1] But you need to discount NITROX as well...
DiveBuddyChgo - 4/14/2011 6:39 PM
[Choose #2] I better get an air fill card worth the membership fee. Why would I pay for a membership when the shop wants your business anyways.
SaintsReturn - 4/14/2011 8:01 AM
[Choose #2] Once i bought my gear, i usually go to the LDS for add-ons or different applications. AIR is the reason i go back often. Air cards would make it worth the purchase
RAWalker - 4/13/2011 10:54 PM
[Choose #5] A tiered member/non system just makes those outside aware that there are special deals to be made. To keep this customer you’ll often need to meet a competators price and then the value of the membership becomes degraded.