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regulator bubbles vs vision
HRDiver - 9/17/2007 2:48 PM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 15

I`m looking for a regulator that doesn`t have the exhaust bubbles going up my face. The only one I`ve found so far is the Aqualung Kronos. There must be more out there. To be honest, I`m really surprised that this isn`t a "regular feature" for regulators. Is there some inherent problem with diverting exhaust bubbles away from the mask? Mainly I just want to be able to enjoy the view ... even when I exhale. PEACE D
naturewalker - 9/17/2007 3:44 PM
Sherwood Oasis Regulator extended exhaust tee reduces bubble size and moves them out of your line of vision. you may be able to find exhaust tees for your reg. check with your lds
TColJeep - 9/17/2007 8:39 PM
AquaLung Mistral Regulator The new Aqualung Mistral is a modern version of the original double hose regulator invented by Aqua Lung founder Jacques Cousteau and Emille Gagnan in 1943. Modern single hose regulators release exhalation bubbles directly from the mouthpiece in front of the diver. These bubbles can obstruct the diver`s view and have long been a complaint with underwater photographers. Double hose regulators have the unique advantage of releasing the diver`s exhaust bubbles behind the diver`s head and not obstructing the field of vision. Double hose regulators also perform very well in icy waters where single hose designs could freeze up and quit working. This is because the diver`s humid exhalation doesn`t pass over the moving parts of the regulator, which could cause ice crystals to form.
bpsf1 - 9/18/2007 5:29 AM
Atomic T2 is the best reg I have ever used. Though the bubbles flow past the sides of your head, you can add a deflector to move them further away from your face.
Greg - 9/18/2007 11:49 AM
I can`t believe you posted this!!! I was just talking about this with my brother yesterday :) I determined that I was just going to swim more horizontal so the bubbles go around my neck, not over my mask. Great forum topic! I like the suggestions.
HRDiver - 9/18/2007 2:15 PM
I really don`t understand why exhaust diversion isn`t a standard. All you would need is a clip and 6" of hose to run back up the air inlet hose. It doesn`t seem like that big of a step to take in regulator "technology." Maybe consumers haven`t been talking to manufactures or manufactures haven`t been listening to consumers. What I believe is that whatever manufacturer starts this trend is going to run away with the profits until the rest catch up. PEACE D
scubacub1 - 9/19/2007 3:26 PM
I just purchased a Sherwood Oasis and so far I like it. The bubles are not a problem especially when you have your mask off.
jreitz1 - 9/21/2007 6:31 AM
I have the Kronos that I picked up for my pony reg and it does work great to move the exhaust out of sight. I don`t even notice the bubbles, unless I think about not seeing them. The other option, as others have pointed out, are longer exhaust tees. I know Sherwood has a large tee that comes with its regs to switch out and Atomic sells a larger tee that can be switched out to also help pass the bubbles wider around your head so they don`t get in your way.
debay(Dee-Bay) - 10/01/2007 7:56 AM
I think that there is only so much that anyone can do with exhaust deflection. To make an extension that places the bubbles out of your face could interfere with head movement, equipment snags, and foreign object snags. Its bad enough that you have a hose coming around the side of your head that can catch on rocks, wrecks, or other divers. With an exhaust extension, your snorkel will most likely be the first victim to get in the way. I know that for me personally that my snorkel can get caught up with my inflater hose. Its not hard to imagine a cascading situation when you reach for your inflater and it snags you snorkel, then snags your reg exhaust...etc. etc. I dont see a real viable solution.
debay(Dee-Bay) - 10/01/2007 7:58 AM
as for the Mistrel. I wanted one. Bad. The price was a kick to the gut, but the idea of bubbles behind the head was cool. Then I read up on double hose regs. ITs not all peaches and cream. They breath different than standard regs and if I remember it right can be bad news if they flood. I think I read that there is no back flow at the mouthpeace. If it floods and you breath in, you get water. I may have mistaken that bit of info with rebreather stuff, so look it up for yourself to be sure. The Mistrel is a good reg, just make sure you read up about it really good both before and after you buy one. With proper training and knowledge It can be cool way to dive. awww heck, cant we just hold our breath anyway...........
Trog - 10/14/2007 4:34 PM
Greg has the right idea. Get horizontal. The exhaust bubbles will out of the way and your buoyancy, and air consumption will improve as well.
NWKatShark - 10/15/2007 6:04 PM
2 snorkels and a roll of duct tape. Are we visualizing this now? I`m going to have to make that one of my goofy photos. Seriously though, you`de think that someone would at least offer "extensions", unless there are some legal liability issues, which there probably are.
ReefHound - 10/17/2007 11:37 PM
I`m thinking that the longer the extension the more exhalation resistance, might make breathing a bit more laborious.
debay(Dee-Bay) - 10/18/2007 2:59 PM
hadnt thought of the restriction. I am just visualizing a tube that sticks out far enough to get the bubble stream away from the edges of the mask. It would certainly be an issue to turn your head to the left and left & down. like I said before it would just be something to get snagged by floating gear, wires in a wreck, sea weed, all kinds of stuff. I have seen some older regs that exhaust only the same side as the reg hose. I dont recall the brand though. I guess that would be an ok. You already have a snag potential on that side anyway. you could always go to rebreathers....
Janvier - 12/09/2007 4:29 PM
Sherwoods have the extended T to keep the bubbles away from in front of your face.
OLDSCHOOL - 3/16/2009 8:08 PM
Have you taken a look at the Posideon regs?.