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tanksalot dive charter
opendiver - 11/01/2009 5:47 AM
Category: General
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one of the best that ive been on. they give free photos with the trip. always very friendly and helpful. even if your a single diver always ready to help.they are in clearwater tampa. TanksALot Dive
nauidiver - 11/01/2009 1:06 PM
Thats cool that you get photos too! Good idea for them to bring in more biz. I would dive with them just for that if I’m ever down that way!

- Dale
LifeIsTheBubbles - 11/01/2009 8:22 PM

I second that! Tanks-A-Lot was a great time! They even took pictures of us for underwater free. Heidi even posted underwater videos of our dive on youtube. It may not be the Bahamas, but they sure make it a fun experience! Thanks a lot - Tanks-A-Lot!

johng - 11/01/2009 8:27 PM

when did they start that?

I never did like them for a long time. One time 10 years ago I rode on their boat and they had black smoke pouring out into the area we all were and sat there for 10 minutes while removing the anchor. Needless to say I got sick.

The next week I went back to the shop I had charted the dive with and found out they were braging about me being sick.

Ive only been sick on one boat. that boat.

A few years ago I did a dive with them for my Nitrox class and it was a good opertation and would be willing to dive with them again in the future.

overall I wouldnt not reccomend them it sounds like they are going out of their way to get people to use them.
LifeIsTheBubbles - 11/02/2009 5:21 AM
Well, all I can say is they must have improved in 10 years. The boat was in great shape and was the only Coast Guard certified dive charter in the area. Sea sickness can happen anytime on any boat. Happy Diving!
johng - 11/02/2009 7:28 PM

Yes it can.

Thats why I was shocked about them being so unprofessional bragging about it.


LifeIsTheBubbles - 11/08/2009 5:36 PM

I recently learned that Tanks-A-Lot is under new ownership as of the beginning of 2009. This would explain why you had a bad experience and we had a great one! Give them a try now; it was a lot of fun. It’s a whole new bunch of people.

Best Wishes!
aozger - 11/21/2009 8:35 PM
I also agree with all the positive comments. I did a dive with them today and I think this is as good a dive boat experience as can be.