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Need a piece of equipment
firediver57 - 9/18/2009 6:29 PM
Category: Equipment
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I am looking for a military surplus tac 100 dive navigation board that I can get donated to my dive rescue and recovery unit. I may have some funds for a purchase but it would be personal money and it ain’t alot. I am also looking into making one but am holding off for a short while. Any sites that may have them will be explored too. I can’t seem to locate any in the surplus world.
Greg - 9/18/2009 8:58 PM
For those that don’t know what the TAC-100 Dive Nav Board is an excerpt from it’s data sheet:

The TAC-100 Underwater Navigation Board is the original combat swim board used by Special Forces around the world. Developed for the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams and Army SOF, the TAC-100 integrates the TAC100-2 Underwater Compass onto a rugged and lightweight high impact plastic with easy-to grip handles. The TAC-100 offers different instrumentation options and comes with a padded carrying bag.

The TAC100-2 Underwater Compass was designed for combat swimmers by Ritchie & Sons and utilizes a black compass card with luminous markings to indicate heading. Internal lubber-lines keep the diver on course. A built-in adjustable chem-light holder on the console illuminates the compass for night ops.

Two options are offered for instrumentation packages. The TAC-DDGC is a rugged Digital Depth Gauge and Chronometer that tracks both divers depth and time in one compact package. The second option is the TAC/DG Analog Depth Gauge and the TAC-CHRON Dive Chronometer. Both options offer effective solutions for accurate navigation during mission critical situations.

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firediver57 - 9/20/2009 11:59 AM
Greg is right. The luminous feature is one that is helpful in public safety. That and when we are searching a large lake, (we have three) it is great for mapping and searching a large grid area and qualifying a search. Still looking by the way.