jreitz1 - 2/23/2009 12:37 AM


When are you coming down and how long before you leave to head back up to the bay? The show runs 10A-5P both days I believe, so that pretty much takes up the weekend if you are coming to the show both days. If you are staying in the Hyatt, which I believe is the sponsoring hotel, then you are connected to the convention center to walk to. The nearest dive boats are about 5 miles from there, or about a mile to the Catalina Express, if you just want to cruise over to dive Casino Pt in Avalon.


That’s the link to CA Diving News where you can do a search to see what boats are available. The Bottom Scratcher, Cee Ray, and Great Escape are the 3 boats that are closest to you in Long Beach.


This is a list of all dive boats in CA from Santa Cruz to San Diego listed from north to south.


Here is the Catalina Express website. The Downtown Long Beach terminal is just on the other side of the Aquarium of the Pacific from where you will be, about a mile drive I think.

Ok, that should be enough info and links to keep you busy for a bit. :o)