AirOn - 7/30/2008 11:13 AM
From Greg:

From ScubaDubaDo: It appears, Greg, the ball is in your court if you would like to add this asa feature for DiveBuddy members...

When CafePress says we can customize the store or t-shirt images...they mean I’d have to create multiple images for every person that wants their screen name on a shirt. They don’t offer an easy way to upload an image with a blank area...that is then filled out based on user input during the order process...that’s what we need.


Do we have your permission as users to modify the logo and print them ourselves? I have a local freind who started a divers tee shirt buisness. They don’t silk screen but do direct printing with a special textile printer like a ink jet but with silkscreen quality.

It would be simple to create one off shirts through her buisness, without the setup fees to make screen prints.