Deanna - 10/15/2017 11:39 AM
Good afternoon Jim,

I look forward to diving with you. I am still struggling with my buoyancy issues so I consider myself a newbie. I got a email from a group called NARQ’D who are mostly master divers from Richmond to GA. They talked about a place in Wendell, NC called Mystery Lake. It just opened it July of this year and is deeper then Phoenix with similar cool stuff under the water, another quarry.

They will be at Phoenix next weekend and said we are more then welcome to dive with them. Since you and I are fairly new, maybe we should for our first dive till we feel more confident...its up to you. I am more of a follower then a leader at this point in my diving.

We own a RV, my husband and I so we will be there Friday night. What time do you want to meet? And I assume at the dive shop....I will need to get my air there.

Talk with you soon,