DiverfromBaskingRidge - 8/02/2015 6:15 AM
Turns out we had a group of 11 divers from all over. Several from Scubaboard and DiveBuddy came out for the meet and greet at Maclearie Park - some first timers to the back bay and several veterans. We split into pairs and had a solo diver - everyone got to see a few seahorses, eels, horseshoe crabs, rock crabs, fluke (summer flounder), cornet or trumpet fish (I always get the name wrong), and lots more - some to be identified later.

Seemed like everyone had an hour or longer on the dive - I had an average 6.7 feet with a 12 foot maximum, temperature was 65 degree minimum but generally warmer at 6 to 8 feet. No one got lost - a really easy dive to see some excellent critters and have a laugh or two. Everyone seemed to be willing to do this again - so we can rally again in the near future - tide permitting. I will try to post some video later if it comes out ok...

Good job to all that came out and if you are lurking and want an easy dive with seahorses - come on out next time... :-)