m_grieco - 8/26/2014 8:03 PM
Phil, I have 0 NJ dives under my belt, but I have almost 60 dives around the world (Indonesia, Egypt, Hawaii, Grand Cayman, and North Carolina). Most of my dives were boat dives, but I do have about 10 shore dives. North Carolina was NJ type visibility from what I’ve heard (about 10 ft). I am off all next week (week of Labor Day) and if interested, let me know. I have my own gear (minus tanks/weights) but I’m sure I rent those from a LDS if need be. Also, what depth/temperature are these dives typically? I have a warm 3mm suit and a lavacore 5mm hood and vest (so 8 mm on my core)...think I’d be warm enough? I think I’d be good until about the low 60s...then I’d be too cold. I’m also an underwater photographer, and would love to get my camera in the water. Look forward to hearing back from you.