RAWalker - 5/30/2014 10:59 AM
Hi btw,
Does your version of the Intova have the LED strobe port? It is my understanding that right now there is a limited edition model with that feature and it will be included as a standard feature on further models along with some other improvements.
What this port does is allow users to pair the camera with an external slave strobe for still photos. This will allow it to take higher quality stills with far better color quality both at depth during the day and at night. I’m looking forward to see what it can do with the 2 different Intova strobes I already own (the PX2600 and ICC4000) It is my understanding that a package with the camera and nano strobe will be offered this will give the little cam twice the strobe power of most still cams with internal strobe in a compact package that should be able to avoid backscatter by offsetting the strobe angle.