LatitudeAdjustment - 6/30/2013 5:24 AM
Next Sunday high tide is just before dusk

2013-07-07 19:37 EDT 5.10 feet High Tide

For your 1st dive there you should probably do the A street entry in Belmar, get there early, some instructors use this for classes and you don’t want to be behind the student on the narrow steps who is having issues. Parking is limited and don’t block the driveway on the west side of A street, it looks like a fence. There are steps down into the water, there is a cove between the steps and the boat lift where you can get out of the current and sort things out or even decend and explore until the incoming tide dies enough to swim east against it. IF you are in a hurry you could swim as far east as the bridge, keep in mind your compass doesn’t work under it! Don’t end up in the boat channel. Turn around early so you don’t have to fight the out going tide back to the entry. If it becomes too much you can climb out over the rocks but it isn’t easy.

Next time, Avon entry under the bridge, more parking, easy entry, climb out, showers but more fishing lines to watch out for :(